Camp Cooking

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Yellowstone Folding Stove with Fuel


A simple cooking stove with minimal parts and fuss. Lightweight and compact Can be used in two positions - folded high or low Strong durable plated steel construction Includes 4 solid fuel tablets (1 tablet will boil 2.5 cups of...

Vango Trangia 25-1ul


3-4 person stove with kettle, ideal for for group cooking or for larger meals. Ultralight stoves are 50% stronger than ordinary aluminium, less material is required and as a result are lighter. 25 Series stove with burner, 0.9 litre kettle,...

Kombat UK Can Opener M.O.D Style

Can Opener, Tin Opener

Kombat UK Can Opener M.O.D Style

Scho-Ka-Kola German Caffeine Chocolate


This dark, caffeine rich chocolate is perfect for those looking for an instant bittersweet pick-me-up. Originally issued to German troops on the eve of battle during the Second World War, as both a tasty treat and to keep them alert...



When packing light, our Adventure Stainless Steel 5oz flask still boasts two full shots plus an extra ounce to spare. This sly fellow slips in your pocket or bag for a quick nip. 18/8 stainless steel won’t rust; naturally BPA-free...

Aluminium Army Mug

army surplus mug

The Aluminium Army Mug is lightweight, with a capacity of 750ml. Use it for drinking, food preparation or cooking, or other outdoor related activities. Aluminium Army Mug. The Aluminium Army Mug is a lightweight, compact product that is perfect for...


travel mug

ADVENTURE SHORTSTACK TRAVEL MUG | 8OZ Polar   Affectionately known around the Stanley HQ as the ‘ShortStack’, this little sucker’s diminutive stature means it’s got something to prove. Luckily, it makes its case boldly: leak-proof and insulated to keep drinks...

Yellowstone Fast Boil Cook Set (Graphite)

fast boil cook set

Features: Suitable for use with most portable stoves Durable hard anodized finish with heat resistant handles Compact pack size for ease of storage and transportation Handy carry bag included Specifications: Material: Anodised Aluminium. Packed: 17.5x13x13cm. Contents: 0.9 litre pot 0.34...

kelly kettle 'scout kettle'

Kelly kettle 'Scout'

This Kettle boils 1.2ltrs (approximately 3.5 Mugs) of water at a time and is ideal for Car Camping, Scouts, Picnics, Hunters, Caravaning Camping Gear, Wilderness Survival Kit, 4 x 4 off-roaders, Disaster & Emergency Kits, Humanitarian Aid, Kayakers or anyone...

Base Camp Kettle 1.5Ltr Stainless Steel

Kelly kettle 'Base camp Kettle'

Never buy fuel again! A fiendishly simple idea, the Kelly Kettle is basically a double-skinned metal chimney. Its tapering shape means a fire lit beneath it in a vented metal base draws very efficiently and lights easily, heating water which you pour into...

Kelly Kettle 'Ultimate scout kit'

Kelly Kettle Ultimate Scout Kit

Ultimate SST 'Scout' Kelly Kettle Kit ....includes 1.2 ltr Steel 'Scout' Kettle + Cook Set + Hobo Stove + Cup Set (2pcs) + Plate Set (2pcs)* + Pot Support + Carry Bag. This NEW version of the kettle has an all welded...

Kelly Kettle Cups 350 and 500 ml stainless

stainless steel cups

The Kelly Kettle Cups are compact drinking cups with foldable handles. As such the cups fit together enabling you to compactly transport them. In addition to drinking you can also eat out of these cups or cook in them! Multi-functional! The silicone...

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Stanley Classic 1.3L


The word you’re looking for is “Iconic”: Slick design, sturdy construction, and an un-eff-withable attitude. Fully leak-proof, and able to keep drinks hot or cold 28 hours or iced 120 hours, there’s a reason we kept this bottle simple and...

Cook Set (Stainless Steel)

small cook set

  This Stainless Steel Cook Set includes 0.45 liter pot, Lid/Pan, Grill Pieces & Gripper handle. These enable our TREKKER Kettle to be turned into a portable cooker eliminating the need to carry any fuel on your trips. Simply place...

Cook Set (Stainless Steel) - Large for Base Camp or Scout Models

kelly kettle large cook set

  This Stainless Steel Cook Set includes 0.85 ltr pot, Lid/Pan, Grill Pieces & Gripper handle. These enable our Kettle to be turned into a portable cooker eliminating the need to carry any fuel on your trips. Simply place the...


Classic Stanley Flask ( personal size ) 473ml

£30.00 £38.00

Great things come in small packages. Yeah, we know sometimes when people say that it’s B.S. and they just have a Napoleon complex, but listen: This little guy keeps drinks hot or cold 15 hour (or iced for 60 hours),...

Favourite Caravan and Motorhome Recipes


Product code: ANQSG ISBN: 9781846401817 Publisher: J Salmon Ltd Format: Paperback Dimensions: 12.0cm x 17.0cm Pages: 48 Publish date: 01/05/2009

Favourite camping recipes


a selection of easy camping and caravanning recipes to feed a hungry family of four, using nothing more than a camping stove in the middle of nowhere! 47 recipes  Publisher J Salmon 

Trangia Gas Burner Conversion Unit

Trangia gas burner

  Fits Coleman 100/250/500 gas cartridges Complete with hose and cartridge connector/valve

Ultimate 'Base Camp' Kit (Stainless Steel)

Camping Cookware & Dinnerware

This Ultimate 'Base Camp' Kit is the best camping kettle for family camping, large groups, scouts, outdoor education, picnics, fishing, hunting, survival kits & emergency preparedness, etc. Kelly Kettle Ultimate Kits are the best value when purchasing Kelly Kettle products!...

Hobo Stove - Kelly Kettle


Place this Hobo Stove™ accessory on to the fire base of your 'Base Camp' or 'Scout' Kettle to create a highly effective wood fired Camp Stove. Any size pot or pan can be used on the Hobo Stove™ Takes up...

Fire dragon Multi - Fuel cooker


This lightweight and compact FireDragon Multi-Fuel Folding Cooker from BCB is a newly designed field stove designed for the British MOD and due to go on issue with British Forces very soon. This easy to use efficient and reusable cooker...



DYNASTY TRIO Large double hob and grill family camping stove, that folds into a low profile self-contained case for transport. Steel/Brass/Tin Piezo auto-start ignition system. Double hob and grill/toaster with tray. Capable of use with pans more than 30cm in...

Commando Compact Stove


Description: • Strong high quality aluminium alloys and stainless steel• Lightweight and compact• Adjustable gas flow and high efficiency flame (3000W)• Complete with plastic storage box• Size: 11 x 5 x 5cm (boxed)• Weight: 90g