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  12 hardtacksIngredients:wheat flour, sugar, partially hydrogenatedsunflower oil, glucose, salt,raising agents (bicarbonate of soda,ammonium bicarbonate),antioxidant (sodium metabisulfite E223)Allergens:In the product:wheat flour and sodium metabisulfite E223,may contain traces of soy, egg, milk and sesameNutritional values per 100 g:energy in kJ/kcal: 1825/433fat...


12 hardtacks
wheat flour, sugar, partially hydrogenated
sunflower oil, glucose, salt,
raising agents (bicarbonate of soda,
ammonium bicarbonate),
antioxidant (sodium metabisulfite E223)
In the product:
wheat flour and sodium metabisulfite E223,
may contain traces of soy, egg, milk and sesame
Nutritional values per 100 g:
energy in kJ/kcal: 1825/433
fat 11,5 g, of which saturates 5,5 g,
carbohydrates 73,9 g, of which sugars 15,9 g
fibre 2,2 g
protein 8,4 g
salt 1,2 g
Content: 125 g

Shelf life: 07/2022

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